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Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP), Sexual Risk Avoidance Education,
and Abstinence Program Grantees

This Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (APP) Portal is a gateway to a host of services and collaboration tools created by the RTI APP Training and Technical Assistance Team for FYSB to support the APP Grantee community and other Federal, State, Tribal, Territorial, and local entities supporting teen pregnancy prevention efforts. This centralized information hub provides access to a Communities of Practice Website, a Technical Assistance Requests system, and open source project documents and files (for FYSB and the RTI Team only).


On the September 23rd FYSB Webinar, we introduced Incorporating Adolescent Relationship Abuse Prevention into Your Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Programming: A Web-Based Toolkit. This toolkit is designed to help grantees who want to incorporate adolescent relationship abuse (ARA) prevention into their projects. It presents a process for incorporating ARA prevention and provides practical tools that you can choose from and adapt to best fit your projects and participants. We encourage you to visit the toolkit and to share it with your sub-awardees.

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Communities of Practice Access
Access to the Communities of Practice Website is restricted to grantee and sub-awardee staff authorized by the primary contact at grantee organizations, as identified by the FYSB project officer. If you do not have access and would like to request it, please follow up with the primary contact for your grantee organization.